'His latest work aims to find a connection between the centuries-old traditions of medieval music and the sounds of post-modernity. In his new single, “Meadow”, Feyleryn manages to merge these two worlds to create an ethereal and otherworldly soundscape that tells a personal journey from northern lights to Mediterranean sky. The song opens with ambient landscapes and dreamy chords that set the mood for the track. The classical guitar and the laid back beat create a tranquil atmosphere that allows the listener to immerse themselves in the world of the song. Feyleryn’s soft vocals add to the calming nature of the track, yet there is an underlying sense of urgency in his delivery. The lyrics of the song tell a story of inner struggles and self-confidence, which is reflected in the ebb and flow of the music.'


'Meadow' Official Video

'Soll' Official Video

'Morning Dew'

Rhythmic Reverie feat. Iris Jacobs

Defiant Overture