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Tot Gabrielle

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´Tot Gabrielle´ is a delicate balance between raw electronic sound, pop music and cinematography.

Founded in 2021 in the city of Sitges, in his new work, producer, composer and songwriter Eugene Freska seems as if he wants to find something in common between the centuries-old traditions of medieval music and the sounds of post-modernity. From his regular work on soundtracks and production projects, he has managed to highlight what is really close to him - the subtle sounds of classical guitar and multi-layered ambient sound palettes. This music has airy, wonderful pallets and definitely offers pop sensibilities. However, some of these tracks have a bit more edge to them with plenty of guitars, hidden structures and honest grit. These tracks are not without structure, and here of course comes the desire of the creator to see them not as unconnected abstract compositions, but as separate singles, structured and arranged in detail. The EP floats between spacious atmospheres and notes of mystique, in that space of time, you are swept away into a land of inner struggles, yet also self-confidence.

Ambient landscapes, dreamy chords, classical guitar, unhurried beat and soft vocals - all these are attributes of first EP from Tot Gabrielle. This 18 minutes are imbued with the personal story of a journey from northern lights to mediterranean sky. And artist is finally ready to present his story to a broaden audience.


  1. Melt my Freeze
  2. Naked Ways
  3. Leaf by Leaf
  4. Soll
  5. Break The Circle

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